The Basis Guidance For Choosing Camping Tarps

Camping tarps are essential gear for any outdoor adventure, whether you’re backpacking through rugged terrain or car camping with family and friends. They provide reliable protection from rain, wind, and sun, and can also serve as makeshift shelters, ground covers, and even hammocks. However, with so many different types, sizes, and materials available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right camping tarp for your needs. This guide will provide you with the information and insights necessary to make an informed decision and ensure a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable camping experience.
Maybe there is a question that whether we need camping tarps if we already have a tent for camping.Compared with the tent, the tarp has a simple structure and is easy to build. At the same time, the space is also different from the tent. The tarp provides us with a semi-open interactive space. While watching the scenery at 360 degrees, it can also protect us from the sun and rain, and help us better integrate into the natural environment. Therefore, tents are usually divided into bedroom systems in camping, and canopies are usually divided into living room systems. This area is mainly a place for interaction between friends and a cooking area. Whenever night falls, hang the atmospheric star lamp camping lamp on the sky, and the exquisite vision will be full instantly.

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Tarps Types

Here are some types of camping tarps based on their shape: Rectangular tarps, Multi-sided tarps(Pentagonal tarps, Hexagonal Tarps, Octagonal tarps)

When choosing the shape of the tarps, you can choose according to your personal preferences. It should be noted that the more regular the shape of the tarps, the larger the projected area, that is, the larger the effective shading area, the better the shading effect. Among them, the square tarps has the largest shading area and is the easiest to build. Therefore, most of the camping tarps we see outside are mainly square tarps.

Tarps Size

Choose the right tarps according to the number of people using them. The common size is 300×300, 300×400, 300×500, 520×460,etc. The larger the size of the tarps and the larger the shading area for camping. When choosing camping tarps for beginners, we believe 300×300 rectangular tarps are the best choice for them. The shape is regular and the sunshade area is sufficient, easy to store, light in weight and small in size, and easy to build.

Tarps Component

The structure of the canopy is very simple. After opening the package of the tarps, you can see the following parts: fabric, poles, wind rope, and stake kit


As the main body of the tarps, the fabric is composed of these three layers: fabric, waterproof coating, and sun protection coating. And hanging points on the fabric

Fabric material introduction

The common tarps fabrics on the market are divided into two types: Oxford cloth (nylon, polyester) and cotton Fabric. Among them, Oxford fabric is widely used because of its small storage volume, light weight, easy care and low price. The cotton canopy is characterized by strong texture and good stretchability, which is especially suitable for luxury camping. At the same time, the disadvantages are also obvious, such as high price, large storage volume, heavy, easy to mold, and difficult to take care of. The larger the value in front of D(xxxD), the better the tear resistance of the material.

Waterproof coating

The higher the number, the better the waterproof effect! According to your requiremnt, there are three types waterproof coating for rain. Dizzle for 2000+, moderate rain for 3000+, heavy rain for 4000+

Sunproof coating

Black glue: strong shading and good sun protection effect, cool, the shadow under the sky will be darker, the thicker the coating, the stronger the sun protection effect.

Silver coating: reflect sunlight, cool and breathable as a whole, lighter than black glue, and the light under the tarps will be brighter.

Some low-priced tarps on the market are uncoated. Although they can also protect against sun, the effect is not as good as black glue/silver coating. Generally, there are two types of sun protection: physical sun protection and UV protection. Black glue/silver coating belongs to UV sun protection. Compared with black glue thickened and applied, the sunlight penetration is basically zero, which can effectively resist ultraviolet rays and cool down.

Besides, the fabric material is related to tear-resisitance, sun-protection and waterproof. The tarps fabric is key factor when choosing the suitable camping tarps.


The poles used to support the canopy can be divided into materials: aluminum alloy, iron, carbon fiber, etc.

Wind rope

Connect the wind rope to the hanging point of the curtain and fix it with stake kit. The effect of fixing/stretching the tarps can be achieved by adjusting the adjusting piece of the wind rope.

Stake kit

It is used when fixing the tarps, and the material is mainly aluminum alloy. Different usage scenarios require different types

In summary, it is not difficult to choose a suitable camping tarp. According to customer needs and years of experience, Newxon has mature technical processes and designs for customers and wholesalers. Both wholesalers and customers can provide the best products. In the camping tarps product, we usually apply sliver coating, 210D Oxford cloth, and PU3000+ material for our customers with our unique 6 layers thickened technical process and durable accessories. Click here to learn more about Newxon outdoors tarps. If you are a camping gear wholesaler and you want to design your style luxury camping tarps, we are glad to provide a solution for you with our considerate service to fulfill your OEM&ODM request.

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