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Newxon Outdoors Technology (UK) Limited

Newxon Outdoors Technology (UK) Litmited is headquartered in the UK and has a self-owned factory in the UK with over 3,500 square meters. It specializes in the production of various types of outdoor camping tents, pet tents, children’s tents, sleeping pads, picnic utensils, camping tables and chairs, and other outdoor camping equipment. The company has over 100 sets of professional equipment, multiple complete independent production lines, and a total of over 200 employees. The company’s annual production capacity exceeds 100,000 pieces. The company is mainly committed to providing global customers with high-quality camping equipment and accessories, and can provide comprehensive OEM, ODM and other customized services. As the designated manufacturer of the British luxury outdoor brand NEWXON OUTDOORS in UK, the company’s products are of excellent quality, unique design, and durable. The products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions in China, Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.

Thoughtful after-sales service 

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One-for-one delivery And Worry free for repurchase

Save time and cost Alleviate your inventory pressure and unlimited product repurchase

Sample Processing And OEM Service

You provide samples and your OEM requirement. We can response and give you plan fast.

Spot wholesale

The source of goods is reliable and the inventory is sufficient 

Branding delivery

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Production Workshop

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High-standard Production Workshop 

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Super Factory

Focus on outdoor products  Factory Direct supply
Ample Inventory

Support Czustomization

Professional Team
Creative Design

Variety Sample customization 

Production Capacity

Production employees 200+   100+Professional equipment
Annual output of 100,000+  


 Sincere service
Service quality as the core

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Newxon Outdoors is a high-end camping brand based in the UK.
As a trading and manufacturing company, we have our own production base and factory, and are dedicated to providing high-quality camping equipmentand accessories to customers worldwide, as well as offering comprehensive OEM and ODM customization services.
With a spirit of innovation, we constantly develop and release forward-thinkingand practical products to meet the diverse needs of our customers.Our production base is equipped with modern production equipment and professionaltechnical personnel, enabling us to provide personalized product design, manufacturing, and processing services in accordance with customer needs and requirements.
Newxon Outdoors’ products are renowned for their exceptional quality, unique design, durability,and are highly trusted and praised by consumers and industry professionals. We strive for
excellence and aim to become one of the most competitive and leading brands in the B2B market.

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